Popcorn time apk v3.6.7 latest official version free Download

Popcorn time apk latest version has been launched in the market. According to recent news, Showbox – biggest competitor of popcorn time apk has been stopped serving, this led to¬† make popcorn time as the best application in the market for media streaming. The latest version v3.6.7 is having some extra-ordinary features which will be loved by our users. Let’s learn more about the apk.

popcorn time app for android
popcorn time apk

Popcorn time apk is a free application which provides paid Movies & TV shows for free.

Welcome to popcorn time, Here you will get an anywhere door to get free media streaming over internet.

Popcorn time app
First look of popcorn time apk

Here we will discuss about some of it’s awesome features and detailed guide on how to install popcorn time app on android smartphone.

It is one of the most well known app in the market due to it’s amazing user interface. You get all the options on tip of your hand.

Download and install popcorn Time apk on android

  • For installation of the apk you have to download it first.
  • Click on the below button to go to the download page where you will get the latest apk whenever it is released.

Popcorn time apk download


NOTE: You can bookmark the download page and download the new version apk as soon as it is released.

  • After downloading the apk from above you have to click and install it.
  • In some smartphones you will get an error while installing the application.
  • For those, it is because you hvantha allowed unknown sources installation.

Popcorn Time Apk v3.6.7 Features

Popcorn time apk serves both movies and TV shows for free, you just need a good and strong internet connection to use the app on your smartphone.

popcorn time apk download


Free Unlimited TV shows & movies

Yes, You heard it right. You get unlimited videos and movies in it. There is no viewing cap and you can download and watch as many movies as you want absolutely free. You can surf it online or download it to watch it later on.

popcorn time apk download

Multiple resolution options

There are multiple resolutions you can choose with while streaming or downloading a movie. Suppose you are low on internet but want to get some time killers, Just download a movie in low resolution and you are good to go.

Sometimes, There is slow internet speed at that time to avoid buffering you can watch your favorite TV show in low resolution.

If you want to watch it in higher resolution then 1080p/360p/480p/4K resolutions are also available on the apk.

popcorn time apk download

Multiple subtitles

You have a large range of subtitles to choose from even if you can’t understand the language.

Don’t know a language but love the shows? Watch it with subtitles suitable to you. It has one of the largest library of subtitles of different languages to choose from.

Now, you don’t have to rely on your friend for narrating the story and the words said by the actors.

popcorn time app

Trailer option

In doubt whether to download a movie or not. Name and storyline isn’t enough to guess the intensity of the show or movies.

So, here you can get the trailers of all the movies & TV shows from which you can decide whether to download the movie or not.

popcorn time app

Dubbing (Only For movies which support)

You also get an option to watch the movies/TV shows in your own language.

Just select the dubbing option and see whether the movie is dubbed in your language or not.

Many a times movies and shows are dubbed in different languages for user convenience.

If you are lucky enough, you will get the movie dubbed in your local language for free.

popcorn time app

Anime or Cinema?

Love anime over cinema? No problem we have got it. You have an option to choose from cinema or anime.

Because many users are fond of anime and they love to watch manga etc., and for those users we have made this seperate section so that they shouldn’t get any inconvenience while searching for anime movies or TV shows.

You can also watch and download anime TV shows & movies apart from cinema. All of these are absolutely free.

popcorn time app

Hardware acceleration

The app also has hardware acceleration option whether you want to start stop or leave it automatic it’s up to you.

Many of you won’t be knowing what is hardware acceleration, so here is all about it.

Hardware acceleration helps in increasing the download speed of a smartphone.

It stops all the un necessary data usage by your smartphone which helps you to get a faster data speed while downloading.

This feature helps if you have a slow data connection. It shows the difference in download speed and you can track it.

These were some of the best features of popcorn time app. It has much more and this was only a brief Description of it. You can explore on your own for more features of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even after providing so many features and such a clean to use interface, People always have doubt while using a new application on their smartphone. Here are some of the FAQs answered by us in detail.

popcorn time app

Is it legal & safe to use Popcorn time apk?

Popcorn time apk is a well-known app on internet and the apks uploaded here are checked and 100% malware free.

Virus total is the sign of trust from where all the apks are checked and they are 100% free from viruses as you can see the scan result below.

You can also check it on any other malware scanning software/website, it would score 0 malware errors.

But unfortunately viewing paid content for free is against government rules. Therefore, it is not fully legal.

As the directors/producers and all the castings work hard to make such awesome content and earn their income from the viewing rights owned by the users and serving partners.

These paid content is made available for free through popcorn time which makes it difficult for them to earn.

Due to these reasons, actions are taken against users who watch these shows/movies without having proper viewing rights.

But to safeguard yourself from these actions, we have an easy way out.

You can take the help of a VPN( Virtual private network) which helps the users to hide his/her identity by tunneling and using private network.

Some shows and movies are also banned in specific areas but they can still enjoy the content through this VPN.

The vpn masks your ip and helps not to get any law suites on yourself.

These VPNs are available free over internet but some of them are placebos and it’s hard to find a good one.

If you are willing to pay you can buy one from the popcorn time app.

If you want to have an alternative for popcorn time then you can download the showbox apk or Mobdro which also has the same features or you can say much more features that are absolutely free to use and without subscription.

popcorn time app

PopCorn Time VPN

Yes, Popcorn time has an inbuilt VPN which helps you to mask your IP and safeguard yourself.

As popcorn time app serves worldwide TV shows and movies, One can enjoy any language movie from their country even if it is banned in their country through VPN.

This is one of the best feature of popcorn time which i personally love to use from safeguarding myself from any future problems.

So, I think you have got a brief idea about your safety in legal and malware issues.

How to solve popcorn time connection error?

Popcorn time is a nice app but still many of use face this error in their application. Here is the solution for connection error in the app.

  • Open the popcorn time apk and click on the settings option.
  • Clear the cache of the application within the app.
  • Now, Turn on airplane mode and simultaneously turn it off again.
  • The application should be working fine now.

Popcorn Time Apk For Android

Android is the most used plaform in the world right now ahead of IOS and WINDOWS which won’t be able surpass it’s userbase in the coming decade.

popcorn time app for android

Popcorn time apk is exclusively launched for Android but you can’t download it from playstore for some specific reasons.

Beside it’s vast features and unique idea it lacks it’s place on playstore.

Why it isn’t available on playstore?

The app is completely free to use and it doesn’t has any malware too.

But still it isn’t available on playstore because it serves paid content for free.

Serving Content is which is available only for paid users & subscription for free is against google play policy.

Due to this, it can’t be uploaded on playstore but you can still download it from us.

We provide the latest popcorn time app apk and update it as soon as a new version is released so that you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Below is the download and installation procedure of popcorn time app. Checkout: TutuApp

How to allow unknown sources for android app installation?

The procedure is different for older and newer versions of android and both are discussed below.

  • For android 7(Nougat) and below, You have to go to settings option.
  • Then click on security option and you will find ‘allow unknown sources’ option.
  • Just mark a tick on it as shown below.

popcorn time apk download

  • For Android 8.0.0(OREO) and above, Go to settings options.
  • Now, You won’t get any security option. You have to search for special app access.
  • At the bottom you will get allow unknown sources. Click on it and allow the app from where you are installing the application as shown below.

popcorn time app

  • You can see i have allowed for google chrome app as i have downloaded the apk from there and installing from it.
  • You can allow from whichever app you have installed it.

Now, You can easily install the apk by clicking on it. This was all about the procedure for installation of popcorn time app.

For any query about installation and download go to popcorn time for android section.

After Android one of the most used platform is IOS. There is a large user base who is using IOS device.

They also want to watch the paid content for free and for them Popcorn time app for IOS is a very useful one.

Popcorn time Apk for IOS

The app is still not available for IOS but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it on your device.

If you really want to install and watch paid content for free on your IOS device then here is a simple trick to use it.

popcorn time app for IOS

You have to know some basic knowledge of computer to use this trick. Without wasting your precious time here is all about it.

NOTE: You will need a windows computer/laptop to use this trick for the installation of popcorn time on IOS

  • Firstly, You have to install a file for your computer which you can download from the below button.

Download installer file for IOS

  • Just Go to the above download page and download the exe file for windows for installation of popcorn time on IOS.
  • After the installation of exe file. You will have to connect your IOS device with Computer via data cable.
  • Now, You will have to follow the steps as shown in the exe installer file.
  • Just complete those simple steps and done, You will get the popcorn time app on your IOS device.

To get a detailed help of it you can refer to the popcorn time for IOS page from here.

For any further query, you can comment below. if you get any errors, Question us we will love to help you.

Popcorn time for Windows

Watching movies & TV shows on bigger screen is a lure for the users.

We all love to watch our favorite content on bigger screen but only few apps like this are available over internet which serve paid content for free for windows.

Popcorn time app is one of them. It is available for windows also. The app has same exciting features also in the windows version.

popcorn time app for windows

Beside having TV mode in the android version. You can take the enjoyment of it in windows for real means of TV version.

Downloading and installing Popcorn time app for windows is a very easy task and here it is explained.

Download & install popcorn time for WINDOWS

  • Firstly, click on the below button to go to the download page of popcorn time for windows.

Popcorn time exe file

NOTE: On the above dowload page, The latest version of windows is uploaded. For getting time to time updates, You can bookmark the page and download the newer version as soon as it is released.

  • After downloading the exe file, click on it to install.
  • It will ask for a prompt asking for permission to install the application.
  • Just allow it and the application should be installed within a matter of seconds.
  • Now, You can also view your favorite TV shows & movies for free on bigger screen.

This was a brief description about popcorn time app for windows. For a detailed guide you can go to it’s main page click here.

This was all about the popcorn time apk, for latest updates and features bookmark us.

To know more about us go to the About us section or FAQs section.

And if you think we have left something or you have any query then ask below we will love to hear from you.

Have a great day ahead using popcorn time.