Popcorn time app for windows : Free Movies & TV shows

popcorn time app for windows
popcorn time app for windows

Popcorn time app for windows is a free app for watching paid content for free over bigger screen.

Windows store is not as much big as IOS/android stores. Thus, there are very few apps which are available for them which serves paid content for free.

Popcorn time is one of those apps to serves paid movies & tv shows for free to their windows users.

All of us love to watch our favorite shows on bigger screen as one of the quote says:

Bigger is better

So, For that popcorn time has launched windows version to help their users enjoy on bigger screens.

You don’t have to download any emulator etc., for enjoy popcorn time app for windows.

The application is completely free to use. As in android you only have to pay for VPN if you use it.

If you don’t want to use the VPN, you don’t have to pay a penny.

Here is the guide to download and install popcorn time app for windows.

Popcorn time app for windows

The app is not much large in size and is around 58mb. The application has a clean interface which is highly iser convenient.

popcorn time app for windows

  • To install the application, You have to download the setup file from the download page.
  • Click below to download the .exe file

Download .exe file

NOTE: Bookmark the download page to directly download the newer versions as soon as they are available on internet.

  • After downloading the .exe file just click on it and install it.
  • On installation, it will get a prompt to allow installation or not.
  • Simply click the allow button and you are all setup to use the popcorn time app for windows on your device.

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