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popcorn time app
popcorn time app

Popcorn time is a free app which serves paid movies & TV shows for free to it’s users.

It is one of the most well known app in it’s field. The reason is it’s simple and stylish user interface.

The app has latest updates and bug fixes. A large range of library which competes with the giants like netflix,hungama etc.,

Popcorn time is fully free to use with no ads so, You would be thinking how do we earn?

How do we earn?

Popcorn time app earn just from the VPN subscription taken by the users.

It has minimal ads and a yearly subscription fee of 69$ for the VPN.

The subscription is totally optional if you want to buy or not. VPN helps in securing your self from data hacks and government law suites.

As watching and downloading pirated content is against government laws but if you still don’t care about it.

Then there is no need to buy the premium subscription.

This subscription fees help us to maintain the servers and serve our users much better.

Is it safe to download?

All the apk and files uploaded here are trusted and checked by virus total. These are 100% malware free.

You can trust it as all the files uploaded here are checked by virus total which is a leading malware checker website.

Is popcorn time legal to use?

The app isn’t legal to use since it serves paid content for free which is against government rules.

The viewing right holders can file law suite and take you to court if they want to. But you can still safeguard your identity by using a VPN.

VPNs are available both paid and free. It’s upto you that how much your privacy matters.

By using it you make yourself safe while watching & downloading premium content for free.

Why the app isn’t available on playstore?

Popcorn time app provides paid content which are served by owning the viewing rights.

These viewing rights are sold at high prices and you download those content for free. this is against google play policy thus the app is not available on playstore.

But the app is completely malware free and you can trust it as it is 100% safe to use.

This was all about us if you still have a query then comment below we will try to help you out.

For more details refer to our faqs section and also go to the homepage for exciting features of popcorn time app